Muscle Jocks Go Raw @ SeanCody


Henry licks the head of Jessie's cock
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Here’s a fun scene. Who doesn’t love videos featuring new models? Ok, now how doesn’t love new models getting fucked in their first porn scene with a giddy smile on their faces? No one? Thought so. Add the fact that this is a Sean Cody video and you know you’re in for something good.

Henry’s a first timer when it comes to gay porn and his fuck-me-silly smile gives away how happy and eager he is to be there with Jessie Bareback, who is more than happy to be the one who gets to fuck that musclebutt’s tight hole raw first time, and in camera no less! Henry only stops smiling once he gets to wrap his lips around Jessie’s thick cock and suck it hungrily, running his hands all over Jessie’s body. This is why we love first timers. They’re always trying so hard to please their partner and the camera! After a dutiful cock-worship, Jessie decides it’s time for some real fun. Watching both of these jocks bodies entwined, and watching every thrust from Jessie send ripples of pleasure all over Henry’s body is just great! Smooth muscle on muscle’s always fucking hot to watch.

As if we needed more evidence of how much Henry loves his lover’s cock up his ass than his smile and moans of pleasure, we get to see his cock dripping copious amounts of precum as his cock bounces as he rides Jessie. He gets flipped, bent over and overall just nicely and thoroughly fucked until they’re both panting happily and completely satisfied. This has got to be one of the hottest scenes I’ve seen in a while, and I’m pretty sure it’ll have the same effect on you all. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video at, if you liked this scene you’ll love everything else they have for you there!

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Sub Bottom Serves Hot Hairy Daddy w/ His Holes @ Tim Tales


Cute Italian jock about to swallow a super XXL cock of hairy stud Lito Cruz
Hot bottom is hard while barebacked by Lito Cruz
Super hung daddy fucks a bearded boy

Don’t some scenes just make you go “how can he even take that massive cock?” This one’s definitely one of those. Of course, that’s not all this vid is about. Tim Tales brings us “The Man” Lito Cruz, if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this guy before you’re in for something good. Especially with Alessandro here, who’s (besides Lito’s monster cock) the best part about this scene, in my opinion. Just watch him steal the spotlight away from “The Man”!

Picture the most beautiful blue eyes and put them on the hottest cock-sucker you can imagine and you get Alessandro. Watching the parts where he seductively sucks Lito’s thick cock while he looks up to him with those mesmerizing blue eyes… too fucking hot! What a better sight than a beautiful man with amazing blue eyes worshipping your cock and keeping eye contact all the while? Alessandro isn’t just a skilled cock sucker, he also knows how to take a good hard pounding, and the way he manages to fit Lito’s cock in his little tight ass is something worth watching again and again as he gets fucked in multiple positions by him. And as if this scene wasn’t hot enough we get to watch him cum inside his ass.

I found myself replaying this scene multiple times. Everything about it is just too good to watch just once! Visit for the whole scene and more great videos like this one!

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Super cock of Lito Cruz gives Alessandro's ass a monster gape
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Drunk Frat Boy Gets Used By His Frat Brothers @ Fraternity X


Chugging from the bottle of vodka
The boys decide to play with the passed out brother
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Two boys hold up their buddies legs so they can raw fuck his ass

Not being able to handle your booze can be a serious issue if you’re at FraternityX. Being surrounded by horny college jocks who will try to gangbang anyone too drunk to even tell who’s fucking him. One drink too many and maybe you’ll be waking up sore and covered in cum, or maybe that doesn’t sound that bad… in any case, this scene is fucking hot.

We start with the guys playing cards and getting drunk, and everyone is having fun waiting for some freshman to get drunk enough to agree to be the house’s bitch for the night. Well, this time it seems it was a senior’s time to get wasted to the point everybody were pulling their dicks off for him to suck, and once he obediently blows everyone in the room these guys know they’ve found tonight’s bitch. What follows is just him getting used by everyone. They fuck him over and over, make him ride their cocks and hold his legs open while he gets pounded again and again until everyone’s completely satisfied. Just another day at the fraternity.

College jocks fucking nonstop, need I say more? If you still haven’t had the pleasure to visit then, what are you waiting for? Check out all the great videos they have there!

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2 Hot Jocks Get Into Steamy Action @ Cocksure Men


Shane and Jake embraceJake takes off Shane's shortsJake Andrews working Shane Wright's cock
Shane takes all of Jake's hard cock in his mouth
Shane face fucks Jake AndrewsJake forces Shane further down on his cock

Cocksure Men has always been one of my favorite sites. It has some of the hottest actors out there and the scenes they have on their site are fantastic. You can tell how much fun the actors are having and, at least for me, chemistry between the actors in a scene is very fucking important, and this scene is all I expect and more from

When a video starts and you see the actors are already all over each other with big fat smiles on their faces you know you’re in for a treat. We have two young hot jocks, Jake Andrews and Shane Wright, undressing each other playfully like a pair of teenagers high on hormones. What follows is one of the best cock sucking I’ve seen in a long time. Jake merrily takes Shane’s cock out of his colored underwear and keeps it warm and wet in his mouth, worshipping every single inch of it and making sure his lover’s balls get some tender loving as well! Things heat up and now it’s Shane the one hungry for some cock as he returns the favor in kind, getting Jake’s thick cock wet and ready for some bareback action. Jake gets on top of Shane and thrusts deeply into him, slowly at first and gaining momentum with each pump until Shane’s shooting his hot load all over Jake’s face. Not satisfied yet, Jake fucks him harder until he’s moaning like a slut until he cums all over his lover’s ass!

Definitely one of the best scenes I’ve watched, but again, I expected no less from this site. Remember to watch the whole scene at and more of all their videos!

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College Fuck Buddies Have Uninhibited Fun @ Bare Adventures


John gets his dick sucked by MaximJohn sucking Maxim's thick young cock
John Horny sucking cock

Videos where new models are introduced have always been a favorite of mine, as I know they are for many of you! They often work best when the new face is paired with an experienced veteran to lead the way and fuck him out of his shyness. Now, with his young boy looks, John Horny might not seem that experienced but he knows how to get fucked like a professional and sucks dick like you won’t believe. New guy Maxim Moira is in for a warm and tight welcome to Bare Adventures.

Aren’t smooth, slender-bodied men with fat cocks awesome? John can’t help the cock-hungry look in his eyes when Maxim swings his big cock at him, but he’ll have to wait until Maxim’s had a good taste of his lover’s cock. Once his lips let go, it’s John’s turn and we get to see what an amazing cock sucker, you can really tell he’s making an effort in not leaving a single inch of cock dry, sucking and licking it until it’s wet and nice for his tight asshole. He moans and licks his lips as Maxim gets to fuck him raw on top a stack of tires while he jerks his cock in tandem with his thrusts. Maxim spread John’s legs wide so he can get into all the sweet spots inside him! It’s not long until Maxim’s ready to nut and John is more than happy to accept his load all over his cock and belly.

Watching these two twinks’ little bodies entwined as they fuck each other is too fucking hot! Don’t forget to watch the entire scene and other great videos at!

John Horny gets his ass filled with bare dick Raw cock fucking a tight young hole
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