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This blog’s pretty new, but you can tell I like Latinos… This one from is named Oscar and is absolutely adorable – thank god he got into porn so we can all drool over his hot little body…  😉

To me he’s just about the perfect young Latino – cute, nice smile, nice big thick uncut cock, great ass – and of course his abs are just beautiful in and of themselves. What more can you ask?

Take a look at him – the boy definitely likes to show off his body…

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He looks like a nice guy too… Nice smile and a nice thick uncut dick (good combination!)

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Looks good from the back as well – and that dick looks even harder, bigger and thicker than in the last pic…

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I just hope the photographer didn’t just leave the cum laying there on his abs… It needs to get licked clean!

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Personally, I never get tired of seeing a young twink bottoming for some big muscle stud – And that’s exactly what this scene is all about…

Junior – that huge Latin bodybuilder you may have seen before fucking a hot jock bottom and in the steamy hot latin 3way – found himself a nice piece of twinky ass to fuck named Gabriel.

Junior is larger than life in many respects and he is always ready to fill a cumhole with his hard cock and can seemingly fuck forever (lucky bottoms!).

Gabriel is a 19 year old teen who’s new to porn. He loves being man-handled by large muscular tops. “Real men” totally turn him on and you can see it just how much he loves getting fucked by Junior. He’s totally hungry for Junior’s dick – sucking it, getting it up his boi hole, and getting Junior’s load. He got his wish and then some this time around and you can expect him back for more.

Junior fucks the boy from all angles – on all fours (with Gabriel in an almost a fetal position), on his side (one leg in the air), and finally Gabriel rides Junior’s cock, before Junior spurts his load all over Gabriel’s face… He even gets cum in the kid’s eye…

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As you might guess a guy who’d get his cock tattooed can be a pretty rough fucker. After all, if he can endure the pain of having his family jewels tattooed, he’s going to expect the bottoms he fucks to endure whatever pain he feels like dishing out.That’s pretty much exactly what happens in this scene with Fernando – the Latin top we’ve shown you previously with a scorpion tattoo on his dick. If you’re looking for something tender and romantic – this isn’t it.

Last time, when you saw Fernando fuck a young 20 y.o. twink he at least started out easy – kissing him and letting the guy take his time sucking his dick. But Lucas, the 28 y.o. short little Brazilian wasn’t treated nearly as nice this time – Fernando starts by grabbing the back of Lucas’ head and forcing him to suck his dick. When Lucas seems like he’s had enough, Fernando just pushes his head down on his dick until Lucas nearly chokes.

The ass fucking Fernando gives him isn’t any more gentle the face fucking. He has Lucas ride him, then he fucks him on all fours. Lucas just buries his head in a pillow and endures the assault on his ass as Fernando just uses Lucas’ body like a piece of meat – reducing him to a fuck hole. Eventually Fernando pulls out and cums all over Lucas’ face – just like he would use a cheap slut.

But Lucas loved every minute of it. You can tell because his dick stays pretty hard the entire time and he has no trouble cumming right after Fernando is done with him.

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Some of you are going to want to worship him – do everything he asks of you, just so you get a chance to feel his huge muscles and masculine hairy chest.

Others are going to see him as a perfect top – masculine, muscular, great dick… The type of guy who will never hurt you, but could if he had it in him… You’re going to want to be his wife and take care of him – in and out of bed…

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Joaquin is a athletic jock who spends every free moment playing soccer (aka futbol). He is Argentinian, 18 years old and his only dream is to play professionally. This young Latin jock spends so much time around hot naked jocks in locker rooms and admits he always checks out his team mates, sometimes even jerking off with them! But this young stud needs to pay the bills and when we saw him and his friends practicing in the park we made an offer and Joaquin could hardly wait to get naked and show us his thick hard cock.

Joaquin in such a hot young latino jock, he is not shy and really loves to play it up for the camera, turning on the charm almost as much as he turns on his huge hard dick. This guy grts hard instantly and his dick just seemed to keep getting harder and bigger! He loved showing off his dick and we were getting off watching but we near blew our loads on the spot when he started fingering his tight pink puckered asshole. Not only were his ass cheeks round, muscled and perfect we could not believe how much this Latino teen wanted to plunge his fingers deep into his hot hole for our appreciation!

Joaquin says he is straight, but admits he might be bisexual too, we think it is just because he loves all the attention as he really gets by teasing us. He has the sex drive of a typical 18 yr old, and a Latino sensuality as well. Who knows, maybe we get him and his soccer buddies in a locker room together and let the cameras roll!

Latin teen jacking his thick dick in the kitchen

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