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Blond Surfer Dude Fucks A Freckled Twink @ Helix


Marco in his underwear sucking Max's cock
Marco Russo takes Kyle's cock in his mouth
Max ready to fuck Marco's twink ass

I can’t stress enough how much I love watching a cute twink getting his ass completely wrecked, and I know you guys love that as well. So let’s all continue to thank Helix Studios for their amazing videos, like this one! We got Marco Russo with his pretty blue eyes and cute tight ass and then we have Max Carter, our smooth blond muscle boy with a great body, do you like where this is going already?

Starting with a great blowjob scene as Marco sucks hungrily at Max’s cock after rubbing and teasing it through his underwear, he continues to worship Max’s cock until the blond can’t take it any more teasing and he’s hard as diamonds and ready to fuck Marco’s tight little twink butt. He teases his fuck-hole for a bit before ramming his cock raw deep inside, slow at first but quickly picking up the pace as Marco moans and pants like a slut. They continue to fuck in multiple positions and places including a great shot where Max fucks him by the window and we get to see Max smooth ass as he thrusts wildly into Marco for the whole city to watch.

This scene is full of shots and moments you don’t want to miss that will make you to replay it over and over. Visit for the complete scene and gallery for this video along with the other fantastic ones they have to offer!

Max fucks Marco in fron the of the window
Max's raw wet cock pounds Marco's holeMax's young bare cock fucking Marco's tight hole
Max slides his bare cock in Marco's young hole

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Bottom Gets To Fuck The Top @ Chaos Men


Muscle jock feels up his buddy's bulgeMuscle guy feels up his buddy's cock
Muscle jock getting a blowjob from his buddyTaylor sucking cock with a plug in his ass
Taylor tied up and made to suck Ransom's dick

There’s something wickedly hot about finding out that an incredibly hot top, such as Taylor here, is going to bottom for the first time in front of the camera for all of us to enjoy. I know it isn’t just me who finds the idea behind it so fucking hot and as if it wasn’t enough with just that… we also get to see Taylor bound as he gets fucked. The guys at sure knows what we like, huh? Ransom is the hunky stud who gets to be the one to fuck him until he loves it, and trust me, it doesn’t take long.

Taylor’s every scene before this one always started with him taking the initiative, being aggressive and you can really tell how much he likes putting his bottoms in their place as he splits them in two with his massive cock until he’s pumping them full of cum. Well, things are a little different here as we get a POV bit of Ransom tying Taylor and then shoving a buttplug up his asshole, and all of this while he’s fucking his face! How’s that for a change of roles for this guy? Taylor just keeps his ass high and continues to worship Ransom’s cock like a good bottom in training until our top is hard and ready to fuck him deep and hard, and so he does!

It’s far from over, though. Oh yes, after Ransom’s had his fair share of tight ass it is Taylor’s turn to go back to what he does best and be the dominant top we all love. He wastes no time in ramming his cock up Ransom’s tight fuckhole until he’s cumming with Taylor’s cock still deep in his ass! Once it’s Taylor’s turn to unload he does so all over Ransom’s tight pucker only to use it as lube after he decides to fuck him some more.

What a ride. Could you expect any less from a scene? Head over to their site to check out the whole vid and everything you don’t want to miss from these two horny hunks.

Ransom raw fucking Taylor's hot ass
Ransom raw fucking Taylor's beefy bare ass
Beefy jock fucking his buds smooth ass bareback

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Jock Gets His Buddy’s Raw Dick @ Cocksure Men


Rick oils up Kris' tight abs
Rick licks the shaft of Kris' cock
Rick getting his ass fucked bareback on the couch

Ah… the old trick of telling your hot friend “my back hurts” so you can get him to give you a nice back massage that most likely will end in sex, or in no sex and then you’ll have a boner to take care of alone —it’s a double edged sword. Anyways, here’s a scene that will help you with that boner if this trick didn’t work for you when you tried it with your straight friend. Don’t you wish life was more like porn? Kris Jamieson and Rick McCoy from Cocksure Men will lead us through this relaxation session so get your cocks ready and enjoy this one, because there’s a whole fucking lot to love about this one video. I mean, have you seen these guys? They’re hot as fuck. And we get to see them rub, tease, play, kiss, jerk off, fuck… you get the idea. Boner ready? Okay, let’s go.

I know I always say that foreplay is a selling point for me when it comes to porn, and for many of you as well, but I really can’t stress how much I fucking love this video and the amount of teasing these two do during the entire scene. Starting with a massage that leads into undressing, then Rick starts playing with his cock and gives him a nice rimjob, then it’s Kris’ time to suck on his mate’s 7-inch dick which leads into a steamy make out session with some nipple play and then we’re due for the main course. Rick bends over the sofa as Kris fucks him deep and slow, as if his cock was massaging the deepest parts of his tight ass, and it’s not long until they’re both shooting their loads together, ain’t that cute?

Smooth bodies, hot jocks (one tanned, one pale), erotic massages, rimming, nipple play… Fuck, I could go on for a while just listing what makes this video so fucking hot. So, do me, and yourself, a favor and just go to and watch the entire thing, and if you got some juice left in you might as well check all the great videos they have. Try to get a masturbation marathon going and see if you can beat your old mark.

Rick McCoy rides Kris's dickTIght young ass riding a bare cock
Inked Kris Jamieson raw fucking Rick McCoy on the couch

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Real Life Boyfriends, Real Life Sluts…


Blake Daniels shows his cockBlue Bailey and his raging hard on
Boyfriend servicing his husband's cock
Blake Daniels and Blue Bailey 69ing

Can you imagine having a porn star as a boyfriend? Apparently there’s a bunch of guys in porn that are boyfriends and have long and loving relationships, they all keep it professional and keep their jealousy in check — hell, some even do scenes together and give us a sneak peek into their bedroom. Well… Blake Daniels and Blue Bailey have a different deal going on: more than just porn stars they’re both sluts and are in a happy relationship despite the fact that they both can’t just settle for one cock. Just try to picture how their relationship works, no jealousy since they’re both fucking around just as much. They can even have competitions on who got the most cocks up their asses at the end of the week and the winner gets to decide who gets to bottom once it’s time for them to fuck each other. Makes you think, huh? Hold that thought, now let’s talk about what these two sluts do best: fucking, or getting fucked, you get the idea. Kudos to Lucas Entertainment for getting these two together in a scene!

Jockstraps. Doesn’t that word just make your mouth water? Blake and Blue are one delicious pair of sexy jocks and the amount of making out and grinding and teasing and rubbing and everything these two do will get your cock as hard as diamonds. Seriously, the amount of chemistry these two have is ridiculous. They sixty-nine each other and then, when both cocks are slick and ready it’s Blake the one gets the first raw cock and he takes it like a fucking champ. Then it’s Blue’s turn to get his boyfriend cock inside, riding him like crazy and you can really tell that these self-proclaimed sluts really mean it when they say they love cock. And at the end, to make it all better, they cum into each other’s asses. Lovely couple.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Lucas Entertainment to watch the whole scene and why not stick around and watch the other scene each one of these sluts have with other men? On that topic, would you be okay with having a slutty boyfriend?

Blue Baily fucking hot jock Blake Daniels
A hot jock breeds his friend
Blue Bailey gets aan ass full of cum

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Young Medic Fucks His Patient @


Twink doctor ready to probe his patientSweet young boy visits doctor's office for a backdoor exam
Dr. Blake Hanson kissing his hot patient Daniel PrinceDr Blake Hanson takes good care of his yung patients
Daniel Prince sucks Dr hanson's cock

Hospitals would be so much better if every doctor looked like Blake Hanson. Also, the amount of patients would skyrocket just to get a complete physical examination from this handsome stud and let’s be honest, wouldn’t you love having him all over your naked body wearing nothing but his robe? Poor, young Daniel Prince has strained his thigh and it’s up to Blake to bring him some relief. Thank you, Staxus. You know exactly what we love to watch.

His methods might be somewhat unorthodox but a nice relaxation therapy to take Daniel’s mind off his pain sounds like a great thing. Especially if that therapy includes getting to fuck him raw up the ass after a hot session of cock-sucking. First things first, Blake decides to give his patient a good relaxing session of deep-throating action to get his blood flowing and if Daniel can’t wait to return the favor as the Doc lies down and lets him suck passionately on his cock only to get on top of him right after to sit on his thick shaft until it’s completely buried deep inside his ass.

Things are just getting started, though. And Blake is only getting more dominant as Daniel is soon moaning like a slut with every thrust and every movement of his hips. They continue their fuck session until they’re both jazzing all over their bodies. Fucking hot. Go to for the complete video and its gallery and more amazing scenes like this one!

Sexy boys do a 69
Smooth bottoms enjoys a prostate massage with his doctor's dick
Brunette twink rides blond twink bareback

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