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Muscle Bear Gym Sex @ Alpha Male Fuckers

Shiertless Ray Stone and Nathan Price check each other out in the gym
Beefy Ray plays with Nathan's hard cock through his gym shorts
Beefy Ray Stone licks the head of Nathans hard cockScruffy young Nathan Price being fed Ray's huge dick
Ray feeds his massive cock to young Nathan PriceHairy beefy daddy Ray Stone jerks off while getting his nuts licked
Ray Stone tongue's Nathan's smooth young ass
Scruffy Nathan tongues Ray's hairy pink holeNathan spits a wad on Ray's hairy pink hole

Hairy Muscle Bears and Huge cocks in this video from Alpha Male Fuckers that has Ray Stone working out Nathan Prince’s ass in a gym.  ( I Really like gym scenes.)

At first glance, I was more into Nathan Prince, the taller guy with the facial hair.  But the more I check out Ray Stone and that giant hose he’s carrying in his gym shorts, I think he’s the winner.  Neither guy is a perfect 10, but I would jump at the chance to get down and dirty with either one.  Just look at those cocks! Plus you can tell both men like to fuck hard and dirty. Just look at the way they ram their tongues into each others holes.  And mow on each others meat.  Ray Stone sure looks like has hungry mouth.

The way Nathan Prince was working Ray’s hole with his fingers, I thought he would be the one on top.  But I guess when you have a dick as big as Ray’s–it should be used to pound ass.  Go check out more of this scene and other hot muscle studs at

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Hot Guys Have Public Sex At A Bar @ Alpha Male Fuckers

Logan, Vinnie and fans
Beefy Vinnie and inked Logan hanging around in jocksLogan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo kissing
Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo perform on stage

Watching Logan McCree and Vinnie D’Angelo getting it on at Tonka Bar, in this scene from Alpha Male Fuckers, really brought me back to the strip clubs in Times Square. The way they were when seediness reigned supreme. Before Giuliani and Disney cleaned it all up and drove the sleazy side of sex, and the male hustlers, scurrying elsewhere.

Of course, unlike the strip clubs where the guys only stood around on stage and jerked off alone, Logan and Vinnie actually do it all. To each other. While the crowd watches. Takes pictures. Films. And who knows? There were probably a few of them jerking off in the audience.

If you’re an exhibitionist or like public displays of sucking and fucking, be sure you head over to

Logan and Vinnie naked perform for a crowd of on lookersLogan works Vinnies hard cock for the crowd

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Hairy Daddy Gets His Hole Worked Over By Muscle Boy @

Matthew Ford getting his hard dick serviced by a co worker
Ripped muscle boy Daniel Marvin getting his cock serviced by Matthew FordDaniel Marvin dives his tongue into Matthews ass
Tattooed Daniel licking beefy ass
Ripped Daniel ready to fuck Matthew beefy prime ass

I’ve been of the belief that sometimes clothes make the man. Of course, some men… like Daniel Marvin and Matthew Ford…from Alpha Male Fuckers, don’t really need clothes. Just a tie around the neck will do. And you know? I’ve always wondered what business execs do behind closed doors. Now I know they’re not just plotting hostile takeovers or mergers. They’re sucking and fucking the hell out of each other.

Love watching smooth, muscled Daniel suck cock. It’s even better watching him eat ass! Isn’t that what every exec-in-training is supposed to do? Kiss ass? Anyway, Daniel lays into hot Daddy Matthew and really pounds some good hole! If you like hairy, masculine dads get pounded in intergenerational scenes, make sure to stop by and visit

Beefy Matthew ready for Daniels raw dickTattooed muscle boy Daniel fucking beefy man ass at the office

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Hot Beefy Latino Top Ruben Rodriguez @ Alpha Male Fuckers

Hot tattooed muscle boy Ruben Rodriguez
Smooth latin muscle boy in a jockstrapLatino jock plays with his hard dick
Ruben Rodriguez stroking his dick in a jockstrapLatin muscle boy with tattooes strokes his dick
Tattooed muscle boy with soft cock poolside
Ruben toweling off his inked muscle bodyHot inked Latin muscle boy strokes his hard dick
Tattooed Latin muscle boy stroking his cock

Ruben Rodriguez, from Alpha Male Fuckers, looks more like an ex-convict from Oz than a porn star. Especially with his muscled, stocky build and all that magnificent ink! Can’t you just see him out in the prison courtyard? Pumping iron? Shirtless and sweaty, of course, with his posse surrounding and protecting him. The only thing this smooth, rough fucker is missing is a scar.

Of course, he’s probably not an ex-convict but the tattoo across his belly, Spanish for “Hard Life” does make me wonder. Who knows? Maybe he did put in some time and was someone’s bitch. Just as hot to imagine this big bruiser being forced to take some huge prison cock and pulling a train as it is to imagine him as Top Dog. WOOF!

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Dude Gets A Hardon Working Out @ Bentley Race

Beefy guy working his arms in the gymBeefy bald guy work out in the gym
Smooth beefy guy working outBeefy guy in jock showing off his ass
Man in his briefs with hard cockMan in underwear with hard uncut cock poking out

Christ all fucking mighty! Is that a Coke bottle in your shorts or are you just happy to see me? Ben’s done it again with Marco, a humpy, beefy guy with a big, uncut dick at Bentley Race. Looking at Marco’s shirt, then looking at that huge boner in his baby-blue Papi shorts, I’d have to agree… that’s the real thing! Great nutsac, too. It’s like he has fucking goose eggs instead of testicles. I wonder how they go with Coke?

The irony concerning Marco’s shorts is that I have the very same pair. Of course, I don’t look as good in them at the moment as Marco does. Guess I’ll just have to get back to the gym. Of course, if I ever saw Marco working out beside me I’d have a difficult time keeping my mind on my weights. I could always ask him to spot me.

Check out Marco and his big cock at Bentley Race. I’m sure he’d be willing to spot you during your workout. If nothing else, he can give you a refreshing spurt of Coke!

Guy with hard cock wrapped in underwearUncut bald guy playing with his hole
Hot bald guy with thick uncut cock
Uncut guy stroking his cock

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