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Stout Rugby Boy Strips For Us @ Chaos Men

Shirtless rugby jock Foster
Hot young dark haired FosterFoster shows off his ink and beefy body
Foster shows off his thick cock

To start this great weekend we are going to show you another handsome jock, brought to you by, a bit out of the usual for them, but still absolutely hot.

Foster is a gorgeous stud, with beautiful eyes and a sexy smile, thick eyebrows, very masculine, but what makes him unique is his hard, beefy body, a rugby complexion. His ass is very hairy, I would lose myself in there, tonguing him for hours. His shaved torso shows us hard muscles under a little bit of padding. His fucking cock is big, a beast standing proud and erect, ready to plow some jock’s hole, big biceps and a bit of ink make this one a very hot one. Perfect jerk off material, and an inspiration for getting one like that. You don’t have to have a perfect, ripped body to be hot, after all!

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Foster strokes his cock while playing with his hairy ass
Foster shows off his beefy hairy ass
Foster strokes his thick cock on the couch

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Inked Marine Ready To Serve @

Hot young smooth guy takes his shirt offHot young soldier with tattooes and his pants open
Smooth young soldier plays with his hard cockSmooth young bubble butt
Hot military boy naked on all fours

Filmed at the hotel between the bar and the base, the dudes at have found us a delicious baby-faced Marine to get our nuts a poppin’!

Soldier Porn was as all the rage in the heyday of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, when a quick discharge was just a blow job away. Today, our young Marines are free to stroke their fat dicks, and spread their luscious ass cheeks without fear of reprisals. Of course, if this stocky young jock started flashing the yummy bubble butt at me, may balls would be discharging pretty dam fast. It is obvious that this stud had his smooth pale skin tattooed so we would not be misled his sweet face.

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Hard young military stud ass up on the bedHairy young pink ass
Sexy young Marine with beautiful eyesHot young tatted Marine naked ass up on the bed
Hot young Marine, naked ass up on the bed

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Beefy Bodybuilder Poses @CocksureMen

Ripped stud takes his shirt offBuilt guy shows his smooth chest and abs
Muscular hunk shows off his body and packageRipped stud lets his pants fall andshows his underwear

Sometimes its just plain boring to watch guys solo. It makes us wonder if Cocksure Men or other studios for that matter think that the guys they choose for this kinda sorta one-on-ones know that there are horn balls like us checking them out. The guys sometimes if not always ‘appear’ to be straight and act all awkward when it comes time to show the goods or they need pussy porn to get it up. Either way it can be a big yawn.

This solo presents the beefy Jordan King. He is pretty hot, no doubt. But, Jordan is one of those competitive bodybuilder wanna-bees who is completely hairless and shaved to with in an inch of his arched eye-brows. We get the whole no hair on the bodybuilder stage, but when it comes to “men” on the smut screen… we wanna see MEN! Its not all that bad really, but you be the judge..

Very built stud shows off his hot body and dickHot smooth hunk shows his hard cock
Body builder jacks off his hard dickMuscular guy shows his body off

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Pierced Bear Fucked By Hairy Otter @ Butch Dixon

Pierced leather guy kissing mucled leather boyFurry leatherboy giving head
hairy Leather guy getting his thick cock suckedBeefy muscle bear getting head in the bathroom
Scruffy leather pig sucking cock in the bathroomHairy pig on his knees eating ass in the bathroom

The guys on Butch Dixon are always top-notch and really sexy with big muscles, and hairy chests.  They also seem to get into some pretty nasty and kinky scenes.  So there are a lot of hot stuff to check out.

This video, though definitely on the nasty and raunchy side, isn’t a top pick for me.  Now, I really dig hairy guys–and in fact, knowing a dude shaves their chest can be a bit of a turn-off.  But one of the guys in this video, Mikel, is just waaaaay too hairy.  The other guy Pedro, is a hottie with a great body, nice ink, and a great amount of hair.  He’s someone I would love to get naked with.  Of course, as the video proceeds I did end up getting pretty turned-on by how good of a fuck Mikel was giving Pedro. Actually, the way Pedro is riding Mikel’s cock, you could almost say he’s the one doing the fucking.

And, even though Mikel is too hairy to turn me on in a video, I bet if I walked into a bathroom and he wanted to give me a good pounding, I’d drop drawers and bend for him.  He looks like he could be a real nasty, fun time.   You should check out the video over at, and see what you think.

Inked leather cub gives up his raw ass to hairy top stud

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Beefy Muscle Boy With Meaty Ass @

Scruffy young beefy jock boyHot young jock shirtless
Smooth beefy jock shirtlessBeefy smooth jock with hard dick

Antonio is a fucking hot Guido from, he totally reminds me of the Jersey Shore boys, but insted of drama, he just jerks his fat Sicilian cock and shows off his fucking sexy beefy body, waaay better! I love that he’s totally smooth, it makes the football player build really stand out, he’s just the right amount of beefy. I’d love to be on my back feeling him pound me,  and you know he’s the kinda guy that turns your head at the gym, but you’re too fucking scared to talk to him cause he could totally beat you ass (and not in the way I’d want him to 😀 )

The scene is hot, I love watching him get in the shower, the hot water running down his stocky body, I wish I could get down on my knees and service him while he get’s himself clean, and then let him pound my ass and get dirty all over again :-). Not to mention, this boy has a hot fucking ass, I would love to see Chaos Men bring in another big muscle stud to pound him silly, or give him a tiny twink to use 😀

Either way, if your into hot muscle boys, has got plenty of stuff to get your cock ROCK HARD 😀

Smooth beefy jock undressing Hot young jock in the shower with boner
Beefy Italian jock strokes his dick in the showerSmooth young Italian jock in the shower
beefy Italian muscle boy with smooth round assBeefy Italian muscle boy with smooth bubble butt

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