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White Slut Services Hot Black Boy @ DamonDoggXXX

Hot young Zion Prescot shirtless Zion shows off his muscled chest and abs
Damon grins thinking about Zion's cock
Damon takes all of Zion's fat dick in his hungry mouth

To celebrate that our great country is having another anniversary today, few things would be better than gay porn. Whyy? Well, it is a sign of the freedom we enjoy these days, of our independence to act outside of the commonly accepted standards and behaviours. An interracial, same-sex, non-monogamous sex scene is not precisely what our funders had in mind, it’s not something most of the country would approve (cute married couples with a lawn and a dog, that yes), but yes, we can do it because we are free to pursuit our happiness, even if it means pissing people off. On this scene by we’ll see him exerting his legendary oral abilities with a huge black mamba.

You already know Damon Dogg, the former Treasure Island cameraman that started his own studio, and here we have this alternative pig scoring big time and trying to engulf this mammoth of a cock, belonging to Zion Prescott, a stripper from Fort Lauderdale, you can see he’s still young, but he’s very hot, with muscles that are starting to bulge and define, a nice smile on his face and a cock that almost makes him a human tripod. Damon wants to get the whole thing in his mouth and tries to milk a load of out it. He sure has fun trying, while he caresses Zion’s heavy balls. Eventually we see Damon gulping that sweet cum, but you get the whole scene for that.

So if you want to see an expression of American Freedom at its best, go to and enjoy his intense sex life. It’s almost like being there, and shows you he’s definitely committed to find ass-happiness.

Damon goes to town on Zion's cock
Damon worship's the head of Zions huge cock
Damon teases the head of Zion's cock

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Furry Men Play Cops And Robbers @ World Of Men

Ben Knight feels Bruno's muscled hairy chest
Bruno gets a taste of Ben's uncut cock
Brunk Knigh gets a taste of Ben Brown's hot muscle ass

Ben Brown and Bruno Knight from World of Men are really amazing, their dirty game of cops and robbers really turns me on and you will surely be getting off to them.  These manly hunks will not disappoint when working out their furry bodies for your pleasure. Ben plays the law abiding cop, donning his pristine police uniform with a neat trimmed beard to match. Bruno is the scruffy bad guy, and wears a blue sleeveless shirt and shorts that do nothing to cover his sweet fuzzy build. But who cares about their clothes anyway? Let the game begin before I blow my load!

Ben punishes Bruno by ramming his ass hard and fast, showing the robber who is in command… or is he? It seems that the cop is dominating this game, but you will soon see that they both are rewarded as they are punished. Both cop and robber shove each other against the walls in a filthy fuck full of spitting, licking and sucking of every inch of their hairy bodies. They both get wet from sweat and spit, this is the chance for Bruno to rim Ben, sliding his mischievous tongue as deep as possible in Ben’s spit-drenched hole, setting his butt up for some easy pounding. Bruno has revenge in mind though and he won’t be nice at all, Ben is subjected to a merciless pounding, the robber slams his dick incessantly into the now-dominated cop. Bruno brings Ben to the floor and finishes him off by shooting wads of spunk all over the slutty cop. Bruno then pleases himself by having the cop cum on his face and down his thirsty throat, ending up in a hot mess of sweat and spunk.

Keep an eye watching more of  these guys filthy, nasty sex games. I certainly will!

Brunk and Ben play with each other's hard cocksBruno on his knees licking the head of Ben's cock
Ben shows off Bruno's hairy fuck hole
Bruno and cop Ben get friendly

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Blond Boy Is Used By The Janitor @ Bound Gods

Brenn taunts the defenceless Cole Brooks
Shirtless Cole Brooks and Brenn Wyson
Brenn forces Cole donw on his fat dick

Yeah, we all know you’re a faggot who likes to be abused by real men – men that are better than you – your superiors. Then again, who isn’t your superior? Coming to that realization sometimes takes time an experience. Like in this scene from where top man Brenn Wyson teaches Cole Brooks about his proper place in the world – as a worthless faggot who exists to serve real men (tops).

Cole Brooks takes his lessons well and submits willingly to his top – like good subs should do. It’s not always easy to take what the top dishes out, but he gives it a good shot. Brenn ties him up (tight), degrades him (the truth isn’t always easy to hear), he flogs him, forces him to suck Brenn’s cock – even chokes him.

When you need to see porn that’s all about power and control – sadism & submission, head over to Bound Gods to see it done right – the tops there are anything but gentle – though there are periods where the boys get rewarded with tender downtime… Can’t be abusive ALL the time…

Brenn Wyson teasing tied up Cole Brooks
Young Cole Brooks gagged and tied down to a chair being flogged
Brenn chokes young Cole

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Skinny Pig Flips The Bird @ Bulldog Pit

Two skinny tattooed guys in hoodies stroking Skinny guys with big dicks wearing hoodies
Skinny guy in a hoddie with a huge cocknude guys flipping the bird

Imagine you’re a sleazy guy pushing 40 and you’re trolling the public bathrooms looking for young ass to fuck…  In walks a hot guy probably ten years younger than you, he sees you stroking your meat, after you swap blowjobs he bends over and takes your dick – no questions asked… Well, that’s pretty much the “plot” with this video from Bulldog Pit.

The sleazy older top is Chris Tee – he looks the part too… Tattooed, skinny, pale, almost a bit unhealthy looking – but typical of sleazy guys he’s got a nice sized cock on him.

The younger dark-skinned bottom is MJ, but he’s well on his way to being a sleazy bottom that trolls for public sex with whoever will fuck him… You know the type – you worry what you’ll catch when you fuck them, but it’s just all so hot you don’t care… You need to get your dick inside them, you need to blow your load – and they’re more than happy to oblige and be your bottom for that brief moment.

To say the least this has nothing to do with love or romance. It’s about raunchy, slutty, hormone driven sex. If anonymous sex with skinny raunchy fuckers sounds hot to you – try out – I think you’ll like it 😉

Skinny guy with a huge cock flipping you off
Two skinny guys in hoodies about to fuck

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Brother In Arms Lends A Hand @ Fisting Central

Elemt works the head of Lance's cock

Just when you think all fisting scenes are the same, the sweet deviants at  Fisting Central come up will this brilliant pairing and some truly imaginative FFun!

As Element Eclipse fist fucks this blond giant’s delicious ass, Lance Navaro fucks his own massive uncut dick, with a series of thick and twisted objects. The uniforms and camouflage bunker only add to the heat between these two macho fuck hounds, as do the tattoos and ball-sack piercings. But wait until you see how these horned up brothers in arms re-purpose their Fleshlight.

Check out Fisting Central Right Now to see how “Swallow the Arm” is really supposed to be played.

Element ready to fuck a fleshlight in Lance's hole
Lance's hole plugged with a toyElement works his fist into Lance's hot ass

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