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Sub Bottom Serves Hot Hairy Daddy w/ His Holes @ Tim Tales


Cute Italian jock about to swallow a super XXL cock of hairy stud Lito Cruz
Hot bottom is hard while barebacked by Lito Cruz
Super hung daddy fucks a bearded boy

Don’t some scenes just make you go “how can he even take that massive cock?” This one’s definitely one of those. Of course, that’s not all this vid is about. Tim Tales brings us “The Man” Lito Cruz, if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this guy before you’re in for something good. Especially with Alessandro here, who’s (besides Lito’s monster cock) the best part about this scene, in my opinion. Just watch him steal the spotlight away from “The Man”!

Picture the most beautiful blue eyes and put them on the hottest cock-sucker you can imagine and you get Alessandro. Watching the parts where he seductively sucks Lito’s thick cock while he looks up to him with those mesmerizing blue eyes… too fucking hot! What a better sight than a beautiful man with amazing blue eyes worshipping your cock and keeping eye contact all the while? Alessandro isn’t just a skilled cock sucker, he also knows how to take a good hard pounding, and the way he manages to fit Lito’s cock in his little tight ass is something worth watching again and again as he gets fucked in multiple positions by him. And as if this scene wasn’t hot enough we get to watch him cum inside his ass.

I found myself replaying this scene multiple times. Everything about it is just too good to watch just once! Visit for the whole scene and more great videos like this one!

Lito Cruz destroys a young hole with his hard dick
Super cock of Lito Cruz gives Alessandro's ass a monster gape
Lito seeds a hole with his huge dick

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Hot Bear Couple Fucks @ Pantheon Men

Hairy older men play with each others hard dicksNaked bears kissing and playing in the hot tub
Hairy muscle bear getting blown in hot tubTattooed bear getting blown in hot tub
Silver bear geting his smooth ass eaten
Beefy bear getting his hairy ass eaten

The term “Bear” gets thrown around a lot these days, and sometimes a little too freely.  It seems anyone with a little hair on their chest is suddenly labeled a bear.  So it’s great to check out the real thing at Pantheon Bear.

In this video, sexy and mature bears, Allen Silver (the taller, thinner of the two) and Dan Kryczak show how hot it gets when real men fuck.  Although, many of you, who are used to their porn having either hairless twinks, or tanned gym boys, may not appreicate these studs–and you are missing out!  I know my dick gets pretty hard watching them go at it.  Especially Allen Silver, man, he would be a fun time!

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Hairy older bear ready to get bare cock
Bare dick ready to fuck tight bear ass
Hairy bear ready to take raw dick in the woods

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Jake Cruise Gets Pounded By Furry Italian

Inked daddy Nick Moretti and Jake CruiseNick and Jake make out on the bed
Jake gets a taste of Nick's hot assJake spreads open Nick's hot hairy ass
Jake and Nick compare cock size

I would not mind waking up tomorrow to discover I was Jake Cruise and here is a video that really shows how lucky he really is.  Nick Moretti, is one super sexy, big dicked top, inked up and all furry like a man should be and there he is, on video giving Jake an amazing pounding.  Jake always finds hot guys, both to play with himself or to play with each other, but Nick is definitely one of the sexiest.   And what gets my dick really juiced-up over this scene, is how into it Nick seems to be.  From the minute the video starts, there is some good chemistry going on and Nick seems to love giving Daddy Jake a good ride.

For the full scene,  and more of Jake’s amazing life and sex-capades, go and check out

Nick Moretti gets a taste of Jakes dick
Nick and Jake get a taste of each other's dick
Hot hairy ass about to get fucked

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Bearded Daddy Breeds Latino Boy @

Nick Andrews working the head of Morgan's hard cock
Morgan gets a taste of Nick's fuckhole
Morgan slams his bare cock into Nick's ass

Man, there’s nothing else that turns me on as a good bareback scene. Morgan Black and Nick Andrews at have done a great job making me horny. Their fuckfest is really the kind of stuff that makes you want to be there.

Wearing just jockstraps, you get a nice view of their tight, hot butts. Morgan is a great top, his nicely curved dick is ready to give a hard pounding. Nick makes a really tasty bottom, you would be thrilled to have that hot hole that belongs to such a hot man. Also, his beard is very cute. Nick’s dark skin makes a nice contrast with Morgan’s white complexion, but they do look well together, both masculine men, covered by ink and fur, handsome faces sporting beards, both equally luscious pig, hungry for what the other is delivering, a hard cock matched by an avid hole.

When I need to get quick release or background porn for a hot session, I go to, check it out and see why so many men have switched to bareback these days.

Mrogan drills Nick's ass bareback
Raw wet cock fucking a tight hairy hole
Morgan shoots his hot load on Nick's well fucked hole

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Bears And Cubs Suck And Fuck @

Derrick and Brock kiss while stroking out a loadThree inked hairy pigs fuck and suck on the bed
Hairy bear punk Derrick Ward sucking cock
Lobo Al getting his ass ready to take raw dick

There are lots of wild animals over at Pantheon Bear.  In this video you have two manly bears, Brock Packard, who has the panther tattoo on his leg, and Lobo Al, the bottom with the  tattoo on his back, playing around with mohawked Derrick Ward.  I like Bears and I love mohawks, so I was pretty excited to watch this scene. There is some great fucking!  Studly Brock fucks both Lobo Al and Derrick Ward, and Derrick also takes a turn fucking Lobo Al.  Unfortunately, the preview they have chosen for this video, will leave you less than enthused.  It’s basically Brock fucking Lobo, while Derrick is sitting their waiting for his dick to be sucked.  Doesn’t Lobo Al know, that when you’re getting fucked in a three way, you’re suppose to be sucking the other guy off?

The pictures show you how hot the rest of the scene is, so to see it all play out, you’ll have to go to

Three hot bears fuck and suck each other on the bed
Mowhawked Derrick face fucks Lobo while taked raw cock in his ass
Brock packard feeds Lobo his cock while Derrick takes his ass raw

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