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Hairy Tattooed Stud Chris Tower @

Masculine hairy tattooed guy smoking a cigaretteHairy tattooed stud shows off his hard uncut cock
Hairy stud pulls on his foreskinUncut stud Chris Tower showing off his hard cock

A new site launched a few weeks ago –, and DAMN! the men on the site are FUCKING HOT! When you see them all you can think of is WOOF!

The guy in these pics is Chris Tower. He’s one for you bottom boys – a hot motherfucker who looks like he could rip you apart with his uncut cock, but chances are you wouldn’t even notice ’cause you’d be awestruck by having such a hot guy in your bed… I mean he’s all man – rugged, tattoos, hairy chest, shaved head, scruffy beard… I know from experience he’s the type of top bottoms don’t say ‘no’ – he gets in whatever ass he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants… 😉

If you get off on masculine rugged studs – Check out – you’ll like it!

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Chris Tower @

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A Nice Guy With HUGE Muscles @ is fully of hunky guys with huge muscles – the type you just want to touch and lick all over… The pics below are of Apollo Phoenix – Apollo is all man, not just some overly primped bodybuilder who shaves off all his hair. Apollo’s the type of guy who’s nice, genuine, and just happens to have a perfect massive muscular body.

Some of you are going to want to worship him – do everything he asks of you, just so you get a chance to feel his huge muscles and masculine hairy chest.

Others are going to see him as a perfect top – masculine, muscular, great dick… The type of guy who will never hurt you, but could if he had it in him… You’re going to want to be his wife and take care of him – in and out of bed…

One of the cool things about Manifest Men is, unlike other muscle pay sites, you can actually chat with their bodybuilders. They’ve got live cam sessions which are really popular with the members.

Bald, hairy chested Apollo Stevens shirtless on a couch

Bald bodybuilder Apollo Phoenix squatting naked in a doorway

Body builder Apollo Phoenix showing off his rock hard cock

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