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Innocent Looking Jock Turns To Be Piss Pig @ Boys Pissing

Mason Wyler strokes his cock in the showerMason shows off his hot bubble butt
Goregous young Mason WylerMason piss on himself in the shower
Hot young jock Mason Wyler in a piss soaked tank top
Mason pisses on himself in the showerMason Wyler sucks the piss out of his drenched briefs

The wonderfully raunchy site Boys-Pissing kind of blows my mind.  Where do they find these hot, nasty young boys who are so willing to get covered in piss?  And where can we find them outside of there site?

Well, at least in this video, we know how to find the hot, piss pig.  Mason Wyler, lives a very open life, complete with wild sexcapades, public meltdowns, and heroic revelations.  He’s kind of like the Charlie Sheen of the porn industry… except, Charlie Sheen is gross and annoying… and Mason Wyler is hot and intriguing.  Now I am not sure, where the filming of this video falls in terms of Mason’s career… but it sums it up perfectly.  Here is a young guy who really looks like the boy-next-door… but he is dirty as fuck and just loves to get down and dirty, so you never know what to expect.

So whether you’re  already are a fan of Mason’s… or this is the first time you’ve heard his name…go check out this video at You are bound to become a big fan.

Mason pisses in his open mouthMason's tight pink fuck hole
Mason wrings out his piss soaked briefs into his mouthMason naked covered in cum in the shower

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Smooth Boys Piss On Each Other @ Boys Pissing

Dyed blond twink getting his dick sucked
Skinny twink Zack getting blow job from Austin
Zack Randall strokes Austin's hard dick

Now hold on a second here! When it comes to water sports and Boys Pissing, we here take very seriously! You either go for it full on or you just don’t do it at all. Water sports is deeply emotional, erotic and very clean exchange and connection between men of like mind in to this fetish. The worst thing to see is somebody faking it. There is one scene in particular produced by that notorious mogul in New York with two hot Latins and one Jew who know how its done.

Anyways, Austin And Zack seem to be having a pretty sexy time and getting their rocks off. The kissing is cute and we can see that things are really getting hot and heavy between them. You would not expect it but it comes out that Austin is into piss and drinks Zack stream, lapping up every drop! Its Zack’s turn to get a mouth full. Follow along with me here as I pretend I’m pissing in their holes!

Blond piss pig Austin takes another drinks another load
Blond piss pig Austin takes another drinks another load
Piss lover Austin Lucas takes geting pissed on from young dick
Zack Randall with another guy riding his cock

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Interracial Piss Frenzy @

Race Copper sucking Drake Jayden's cock, covered in his piss
Race Copper tongues Drake's tight young ass
Inked Drake sucking Race's fat cock in a bathroomRace drinks a hot stream of piss from Drake Jayden's cock

This is two of our favorite fetishes… black and white boys fucking each other and lots of piss! The freakazoids over at Fetish Force brought together two of the hottest men in porn for us to swoon over and wish we could drink every drop of their water fountains. We wonder if the legendary Tony Buff was behind this little diddy since joining the Raging Stallion team. Either way, its fuckin hot and we want more!

If you have ever met Race Cooper, you know she’s one psycho biotch and all around great guy! And if you have ever met the nasty cute Drake Jayden, you know he’s soft spoke and walks with a big stick! On screen he’s got a big presence. His performances in everything we have seen is award worthy. Race, to his credit is one of the hottest black men in the industry and doesn’t get enough camera time if you ask us! You have to see these two fuck and piss all over the place. Its popcorn, twizzlers and all Fetish, now GO!

Drakes hot piss on Race's smooth ass
Dranke spreads his cheeks for Race's fat cock in his hole
Inked Drake getting his ass plowed by Race Copper

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Filthy Hairy Men Get Wet @ Fetish Force

Alessio with Josh's fat dick in his mouth
Josh spreads open Alessio's furry bubble buttAlessio Romero on his knees sucking Josh West's hard cock
Alession feeds Josh a hot strem of pissFurry muscle cub Josh West drinking piss

When the guys over at Fetish Force got Alessio Romero and Josh West together, we wonder if they knew exactly what they were planning or was it just dumb luck. I mean, come on! How dare you put two of the hottest men on the scene in a scene together?! Did you wanna give us all a coronary? REALLY?! What the hell man?! No, no.. we thank you from the bottom of our holes.

The way it works here is its all about water sports! Josh West pulls out his MASSIVE hard cock and gets it ready for Mr. Alessio. Josh eventually has to take a vicious piss and serves it up to our willing piss pig Romero who laps up every drop. After all the streams have been let out, Alessio goes back to sucking Josh’s meat. If you missed Alessio and Josh’s recent appearance in NY at the SCRUFF party, log on here for some action.

Inked stud Alessio Romero drinking piss from Josh West's fat dickIkned stud Alessio Romero drinking piss
Alessio shows off ghis hairy fuck hole

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Clean Cut Boy Has A Dirty Side @

Straight boy face shot, looking into camera.
Young dude face shot, looking into camera.Hot straight boy pissing on himself.
Hot young dude pissing on himself.
Twink in wet briefs.

Fuck Bryce Corbin from is a really hot twink, and totally not the type of boy I’d expect to be into watersports if I saw him walking down the street, which makes him pissing himself 100 times hotter. He has a super cute face, a smoking hot happy trail on his tight twink frame, not to mention the right sized cock for a piss bottom :-D. The scene is pretty hot, I love watching him soak his cute t-shirt before he gets to work on his dick. He knows how hot he looks squirting his golden stream onto his tight young body, and has no qualms about  showing it off.

The look of Fruit of the Loom’s nice and wet, really gets me going, such a good boy playing bad in the undies his mommy bought him kinda thing. He works his cock pretty well, and I’d love to be there with him, catching all that wasted boy juice :-D. Bryce looks really satisfied with himself when he shoots his hot load, and I LOVE that he cleans himself off with another piss stream, so fucking sexy! I bet he’s used to being covered in other boys streams, that hot warm feeling all over your body (and hopefully in your mouth ) is addictive .

If boys like Bryce get you going has way more lined up for you, all putting their piss to good use :-D.

Hot shirtless straight boy looking at camera.
Young dude in wet briefs grabbing his dick.
Close-up of pissing twink dick.
Straight boy pissing on himself.Straight boy jacking off.

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