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Spanish Pig Surrenders His Ass @

Zach tongues Jorge's beefy chest
Zach forces Jorge down on his fat cock
Zach teases Jorge's hooded meat with his tongue

Although may have started out with solo performances, they are now putting out some of the hottest fucking duo scenes on the market today. Their potent combination of hairy, muscle men and big, uncut cocks should not be missed.

Who is the top and who is the bottom doesn’t mean shit to this two hunky studs once they pull their cocks out. After getting his first taste of the big top’s dripping precum, beautiful Jorge Ballantinos starts worshipping leather clad Zack Elias’ delicious donkey dong, taking every thick inch down is cum hungry throat. Not only is Zach more than happy to reciprocate, but in no time at all, he is offering up his manly fuck hole to the horny young stud. Once the ass stuffing begins, you can hardly blame him.

The men and the action at is so damn hot you can almost smell it. If you don’t believe me, log on and find out.

Zack sticks his big dick into Jorge's slicked up open hole
Jorge gets ready to get pounded by Zach's gigantic cock

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Fisting Orgy at a Sex Shop @ Jalif Studio

Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David gets up close on Mattheiu's sweaty nuts
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop

As usual our raunchy hot studs from Jalif Studio, will get us horny with incredible fist action, stretched holes, awesome blow jobs and unbeliavable gaping holes.

In this great diabolic orgy our sexy guys David Novak and Kid Chocolate get together with Macanao Torres, Matthieu Paris and Manuel Roko in a hot scene of fisting action where hot sutds in leather are the stars. When the guys come into the leather shop, they find a big surprise: hung guys and masculine hairy men. Hot kisses, trading blowjobs and rimming are the beginning of a fisting and double fisting action that also comes with aggressive poundings and huge gaping holes, it’s a very hot, nasty and intense orgy of nasty studs.

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Manuel ties Matthieu's cock to David's handsMatthieu and David campare cock size
David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Five fist pigs play in the leather storeMatthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with piss
David Novak and Matthieu Paris gettng fist fucked in the leather shopMcananao Torres fists Matthieu and David's hot asses

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Wrapped, Teased And Tortured @

Furry leatherman cutting the plastic wrap around Bryce
Four leathermen restrain Bryce Pierce in plastic wrap
Michael Cory sucking Bryce's pierced dick

Rough Sex ? Edge Play ? The twisted fuckers at have done their best to totally redefine “safe sex”. Even the most filthy minded freak will appreciate how far these guys are willing go to get off.

Too often in porn these days, directors think that harnesses and chaps a fun fashion accessories, but that is NOT what you are going to find here. The the sound of flogging and cock sucking, mixed with the sight of leather, muscle, and hairy men will push your nuts to the bursting point. Not only are Bryce Pierce, Joe Stack, Michael Cory & Boyd Thomas stunning piece of pure, all male flesh, they are unstoppable perverts who like to see how far they can push themselves. Pity the poor dude wrapped up on the table who is helpless to stop them. Bondage is only the beginning when these pierced and tattooed studs get started. If this is the Swiss Army, you can sign me up.

If you are man enough to to peek into “the darkest corners of S&M,” then you need to go to Fetish Force right now.

Pierced cock and a knofe
Bryce Pierce gets his cock threated with a knife
Joe Stack floggs a restrained Bryce Pierce

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Chris Ward Flogs Black Slave @

Chris Ward tugs on Simon's PA
Chris Ward floggs bound Simon CoxChris Ward suckcing Simon Cox dick
Simon plays with Chris's bound dickSimon ready to get flogged by inked Chris Ward

Now that Tony Buff is running things over at Raging Stallion’s Fetish Force, I wonder if he is using their vintage footage for inspiration or is he just letting on his own twisted mind come up with stuff for us to revel in? Don’t get me wrong, Tony is an awesome guy but he is WAY off his rocker, but in a good way, so we’re excited to see what comes out of this almost dead stallion line.

So, way back when, THE Chris Ward started Raging Stallion, he gathered up Simon Cox, Logan Grey, Matt McGrath and Justin Southall for a little fetish play for the fledgling studio. His talents for BDSM is how many of us learn what it was all about. At the time, there were no real examples of men exploring this genre on film in a way we liked. Fell the sting of the flog!

muscular leather pig is abused
Group of hot hair leather men playingScott Samson kissed while tied down to a St. Andrews Cross
Chris floggs Simon while another guy gets his ass plwed with on a fuck bench

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Latino Leatherman Plows Sean Storm @

Sean Storm working Miguel's hot cockSean works the head of Miguel's cock
Sean Storm works the shaft of Miguel's hard cock
Miguel Leonn gets a taste of Sean Storm's hot ass

You have to give it to Fetish Force for pushing the envelop but sometimes I have to question their choice in models. There are a TON of hot fuckers in the fetish world who deserve to be in front of the camera! For the fans, like us, it IS NOT ALWAYS about how big the cocks are or how muscled up the player are. Its about the chemistry between the models, how well they portray fetish and how they transcend through the camera.

Miguel Leonn and Sean Storm put on one nasty fuck and suck session in this scene. We admit that this time. Miguel dominates his Floridian bareback pig boy from star to finish. However, didn’t go quite that far. Funny how one of the major “Big 3” studios would release one of their archived scenes in a time where everyone is so anti-barebacking. Fell the heat in this vintage little diddy!

Miguel Leonn balls deep in Sean's ass
Miguel forces his fat dick into Sean's hungry hole
Sean Storm hungry for more dick in his ass

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