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Black Pig Fists Masked Bottom On A Ladder @ Fisting Central

Veefy Amerifist works a few fingers into a smooth ass
Amerifist works in hand into a smooth hole
Amerifist works two big hands into a jocked ass

Let’s give a big hand to the stud rammers at Fisting Central, for this tried and true sling alliterative. Some guys want a fist but have a difficult time laying back, relaxing and being receptive. This is an excellent example the “Sit on It” alternative.

Not only is this clip interracial, its an international as well. Here we have the World Wide Fisting Federation championship between ” German Fist Rider ” and the Abominable Hole Man from Nome,  “Amerifist”. If you have never gotten elbow deep into ass play, there is no higher endorsement for the following method featured in the clip below. knows how to Rock that Hot-spot! See the Ass Masters at Work!

Guy on a ladder with a bare fist in his hole
TIght ass starts to make a rosebud
Red rosebud of a well fisted ass

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Chris Ward Flogs Black Slave @

Chris Ward tugs on Simon's PA
Chris Ward floggs bound Simon CoxChris Ward suckcing Simon Cox dick
Simon plays with Chris's bound dickSimon ready to get flogged by inked Chris Ward

Now that Tony Buff is running things over at Raging Stallion’s Fetish Force, I wonder if he is using their vintage footage for inspiration or is he just letting on his own twisted mind come up with stuff for us to revel in? Don’t get me wrong, Tony is an awesome guy but he is WAY off his rocker, but in a good way, so we’re excited to see what comes out of this almost dead stallion line.

So, way back when, THE Chris Ward started Raging Stallion, he gathered up Simon Cox, Logan Grey, Matt McGrath and Justin Southall for a little fetish play for the fledgling studio. His talents for BDSM is how many of us learn what it was all about. At the time, there were no real examples of men exploring this genre on film in a way we liked. Fell the sting of the flog!

muscular leather pig is abused
Group of hot hair leather men playingScott Samson kissed while tied down to a St. Andrews Cross
Chris floggs Simon while another guy gets his ass plwed with on a fuck bench

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Masked Man Forces Jock To Have Sex At Gunpoint @

Max holds a gun to s;eeping Clint's head Ripped Max forces Clint to lay still
Clint gagged with his underwear by MaxInked Clint Harrlord bound and gagged
Hot young Clint Harrlord bound and gagged in the tubHot young twink Clint Harrlord tied up and left in the tub
Clint Harrlord forced to suck Max's cockYoung Clint getting his face fucked by Max's cock

Max Morcom gives Clint a nice hard forced fuck at This scene is really fucking hot, I love watching the hooded Max, in all his masculine and ripped glory take full advantage of Clint, a cute little twinky bottom boy. Clint must have been shocked when he found muscle stud Max holding him up at gun point, but I bet his hole was twitching hoping it wasn’t going to just be a routine robbery, and the forced intruder thankfully had plans to his liking. I love watching the tape bound and gagged Clint helpless, while Max gets to have fun (Well, you know Clint has to be LOVING it!)

Max sure knows how to face fuck, and Clint looks like he’s enjoying every second of it. When Max gets to pounding, you know he’s a serious fucking top, just plowing the hell out of his bottom for his own pleasure, totally fucking hot. Clint looks so fucking hot when he’s tied up in rope, I wish Max would have called me to make it a two man break it ( I can dream right? ).

For more sexy Aussie boys, has way more sexy scenes from down under.

Clint Harrlord tied to the bed getting his ass eatenMax Morcorm balls deep in Clint's tight young ass
Hot young bottom getting his ass plowed on the bed

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Big Dick With A Mushroom Head @

Smooth jock in hood undressingMasked guy plays with himslef
Hooded guy with huge cockInked guy in hood with cum dripping off him

There are some times when all you care about on a guy is his dick. That could totally be the case with the guy in this video from Anonymous Masked Men. I mean – LOOK AT THAT DICK!!! It’s huge! You’ll totally gag if you try to deepthroat it. And it’s got this nice big mushroom head on it that you know will feel great when it’s digging into your ass.

And that’s really what a dick like that is all about – fucking. He can get nice and deep – past your 2nd sphincter. Better make sure you’ve douched REALLY well, since that big head will pull shit out from up there if you haven’t. But the long douche is more than worth it – you just don’t get a big thick dick like that up your ass every day…

Oh yeah, and he has a rockin’ body and some hot tattoos… But all you cared about was the dick, right?

Check out for more hot mysterious guys

SMooth guy with huge dick wearing a maskInked young guy in mask with hard dick

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Hot Hooded Jock Jacks & Shows His Hole

Smooth guy in mask playing with himselfSmooth jock in mask takes off his pants
Maksed jock stroeks his uncut dickSmooth jock in mask pulls on his balls

Like to sorta be teased and not quite see everything? You know where you see enough to be turned on but you have to work the rest out in your head? Or do you just find it hot when sex is anonymous? Like when you’re groping someone in a dark room at a bar? Well, if any of those scenarios fit you then you’ll like The guys are hot, but you’ll never really know what they look like ’cause you never see their face. They’re just a body, a dick and a hole – not quite a real person…

And god – the bodies, dicks and holes are sweet… Look at the guy in these pics. Who knows what his name is, but who cares with a body like that? And whether you just want to spend an hour sucking that dick or you want to breed an anonymous hole – you’ll be very happy with this hot jock…

If you like it sorta anonymous – check out Anonymous Masked Men

Maksed guy plays with his assMaksed jock plays with his pink hole

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