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Fisting Orgy at a Sex Shop @ Jalif Studio

Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David gets up close on Mattheiu's sweaty nuts
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop

As usual our raunchy hot studs from Jalif Studio, will get us horny with incredible fist action, stretched holes, awesome blow jobs and unbeliavable gaping holes.

In this great diabolic orgy our sexy guys David Novak and Kid Chocolate get together with Macanao Torres, Matthieu Paris and Manuel Roko in a hot scene of fisting action where hot sutds in leather are the stars. When the guys come into the leather shop, they find a big surprise: hung guys and masculine hairy men. Hot kisses, trading blowjobs and rimming are the beginning of a fisting and double fisting action that also comes with aggressive poundings and huge gaping holes, it’s a very hot, nasty and intense orgy of nasty studs.

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Manuel ties Matthieu's cock to David's handsMatthieu and David campare cock size
David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Five fist pigs play in the leather storeMatthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with piss
David Novak and Matthieu Paris gettng fist fucked in the leather shopMcananao Torres fists Matthieu and David's hot asses

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White Stud Worships/Submits To Black Muscle @ Cocksure Men

White stud pulls a black guys underwear down to show his cockHunky black dude shows how big his cock is soft
White stud sucking a huge hard black cockWhite guy worships his black tops big feet
Hot toned black hunk getting his big cock sucked hard
Hot white dude 69s with his black budInked black hunk prepares his bottoms ass for his huge dick

Fucking A, Cock Sure Men brought us a real life couple to cream over. Marc Williams and Marco Paris. We would kill to guest star in that bedroom sometime.  Marc is the built fucking black stud, with his charming face and top notch body he’s a bottom boys fucking dream. Marco looks like he’s used to being on his knees in this scene, and there aren’t any complaints I can see from the glow on his face.

The scene has them taking their time kissing and undressing each other with a sort of style only loves have. Soft and sweet. A prelude to the massive muscle fuck you are about to see. Marco’s love of big fat black cock shines through when he looks into the camera while sucking Marc’s slab of beef. When they get into doggy style, Marco takes Marc’s dick with ease and loves every inch of it. All the sweaty cummy action is ready for you to see, just press “play” here.

Vanilla stud waits for his black top to fuck him

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Smooth Latin Jock Cums On A Mirror @

Latin jock with a huge cock and bare feet
Smooth Latin jock laying back with his hard cock in the air
Smooth young jock ass up on the bed  with a hard on Cute Latin jock on his back shows off his hard dick and smooth ass

Latin Boyz, Latin Boyz… WE LOVE DEM Latin Boyz! We would really like to know the name of the insanely hot boy with the Vin Diesel looks. He could pass for his younger, light brother. Now there’s a match up. But hey, look at this cutie pie. I’m imagining all kinds of dirty latin words coming out of his mouth while he plows a tight hole.

His virgin looking hole is an instant pleasure to see. Cleanly shaven with a pinkish hugh. It’s like a push play button on a video game thats all about you fucking his hole. Push, push, push! You’ll also be entertained by watching him get into watching himself stroking his cock. Watch him watching himself shoot his load all over the mirror. He’ll offer you some too. Any takers?

Hot young jock shows off his smooth pink fuckhole
Smooth Latin jock shoots his wad all over a mirror
Smooth jock offering his fresh cum after shooting his load

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Smooth Sexy Jock Feet @ Asian Boy Feet

Asian boy shows the soles of his feetAsian guy plays with his feet
Asian dude about to suck his toesAsian guy binds his feet with rawhide
Hot sexy Asian boy toes
Asian boy feet and uncut dickSkinny Asian guy with hairy legs and a smooth butt

There’s just something sexy about feet. I don’t write about feet all that much here, but I gota say guys with nice feet are sorta a turn on for me. You see those guys in sandals walking around or out at a bar – a lot of the feet are just average or even ugly, but every now and then you see someone who just has really beautiful feet and it’s hot. Well combine that with a hot, mostly smooth, totally fuckable Asian bottom boy like Bee from Asian Boy Feet and you’ve got an awesome combination…

Bee has a boyish lean body – the type that looks like he’ll be a hot jock in a few years. It’s hot… You just want to suck on his toes, rim his ass, and then feel your cock slide into his silky hole. His boyish body will writhe under you as you pump in and out of his sweet ass… Finally you’ll be so hot for him you’ll explode and fill him with a huge load of thick creamy cum, and then you can go back to eating out his ass only this time it’ll take like cum…

Total diversion/fantasy there, but you get the picture – Bee would be an awesome fuck… See more of Bee and other hot young Asian guys at…

Skinny asian boy showing his ass and feet

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Cute Twink Sucks His Toes & Jacks Off @

Shoeless Twink strokes his hard cock
Buff young twink plays with bare feetShoeless Twink strokes his feet
Smooth white twink rubbs feet while stroking hard cock
Bare Twink feet

I keep going back and forth with Toe Gasms. I guess I’m just not that into feet. Or toes. I’ve been with many whose feet were perfectly formed and well groomed but, unfortunately, there have been just as many, if not more, that never should have taken their shoes off in the first place. You now the ones I mean, the sandal-clad guys that think they’re hot with their dirty, dingy toenails and foot odor? UBER-YUCK!!!! In fact, once, in college, this really hot guy I was after for months finally invited me back to his place. His shoes came off and mine went walkin’ — felt just like Nancy Sinatra!

At Toe Gasms, you won’t find any of that. Here, you’ll see really cute twinks, and sometimes jocks, stroking their cocks and shooting a hot spunky load — sometimes even all over their feet. Like Ryan Connors. Not normally my type but, hey, if he likes his tootsies, who am I to tell him to … ohhhhhh! Wait. Is that what they mean by open mouth, insert foot?

Visit to catch up on some of the cutest little twinks with the biggest foot fetish.

Ripped young Twink strokes his cockRyan sucks his bare toes
Tattooed young guy shoots cum on his smooth chest

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