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Young Medic Fucks His Patient @


Twink doctor ready to probe his patientSweet young boy visits doctor's office for a backdoor exam
Dr. Blake Hanson kissing his hot patient Daniel PrinceDr Blake Hanson takes good care of his yung patients
Daniel Prince sucks Dr hanson's cock

Hospitals would be so much better if every doctor looked like Blake Hanson. Also, the amount of patients would skyrocket just to get a complete physical examination from this handsome stud and let’s be honest, wouldn’t you love having him all over your naked body wearing nothing but his robe? Poor, young Daniel Prince has strained his thigh and it’s up to Blake to bring him some relief. Thank you, Staxus. You know exactly what we love to watch.

His methods might be somewhat unorthodox but a nice relaxation therapy to take Daniel’s mind off his pain sounds like a great thing. Especially if that therapy includes getting to fuck him raw up the ass after a hot session of cock-sucking. First things first, Blake decides to give his patient a good relaxing session of deep-throating action to get his blood flowing and if Daniel can’t wait to return the favor as the Doc lies down and lets him suck passionately on his cock only to get on top of him right after to sit on his thick shaft until it’s completely buried deep inside his ass.

Things are just getting started, though. And Blake is only getting more dominant as Daniel is soon moaning like a slut with every thrust and every movement of his hips. They continue their fuck session until they’re both jazzing all over their bodies. Fucking hot. Go to for the complete video and its gallery and more amazing scenes like this one!

Sexy boys do a 69
Smooth bottoms enjoys a prostate massage with his doctor's dick
Brunette twink rides blond twink bareback

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Spanish Pig Surrenders His Ass @

Zach tongues Jorge's beefy chest
Zach forces Jorge down on his fat cock
Zach teases Jorge's hooded meat with his tongue

Although may have started out with solo performances, they are now putting out some of the hottest fucking duo scenes on the market today. Their potent combination of hairy, muscle men and big, uncut cocks should not be missed.

Who is the top and who is the bottom doesn’t mean shit to this two hunky studs once they pull their cocks out. After getting his first taste of the big top’s dripping precum, beautiful Jorge Ballantinos starts worshipping leather clad Zack Elias’ delicious donkey dong, taking every thick inch down is cum hungry throat. Not only is Zach more than happy to reciprocate, but in no time at all, he is offering up his manly fuck hole to the horny young stud. Once the ass stuffing begins, you can hardly blame him.

The men and the action at is so damn hot you can almost smell it. If you don’t believe me, log on and find out.

Zack sticks his big dick into Jorge's slicked up open hole
Jorge gets ready to get pounded by Zach's gigantic cock

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Fisting Orgy at a Sex Shop @ Jalif Studio

Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David gets up close on Mattheiu's sweaty nuts
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop

As usual our raunchy hot studs from Jalif Studio, will get us horny with incredible fist action, stretched holes, awesome blow jobs and unbeliavable gaping holes.

In this great diabolic orgy our sexy guys David Novak and Kid Chocolate get together with Macanao Torres, Matthieu Paris and Manuel Roko in a hot scene of fisting action where hot sutds in leather are the stars. When the guys come into the leather shop, they find a big surprise: hung guys and masculine hairy men. Hot kisses, trading blowjobs and rimming are the beginning of a fisting and double fisting action that also comes with aggressive poundings and huge gaping holes, it’s a very hot, nasty and intense orgy of nasty studs.

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Manuel ties Matthieu's cock to David's handsMatthieu and David campare cock size
David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Five fist pigs play in the leather storeMatthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with piss
David Novak and Matthieu Paris gettng fist fucked in the leather shopMcananao Torres fists Matthieu and David's hot asses

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Nasty Twink Gets Wet @ Boys Pissing

Cute young twink Shane AllenShane Allen undressing
Hot young twink Shane Allen in his underwearShane plays with his hard cock though his briefs
Shane Allen strokes his thick cockShane shows off his piss soaked briefs

One thing I didn’t see at Mid-Atlantic Leather was guys walking around covered in piss. I’m not sure why – it’s a pretty hardcore fetish weekend. Well, it looks like Shane Allen from would have been up for walking around covered in piss. As you can see in the pics – he likes pissing himself.

What’s even better is that he clearly likes to drink his own piss as well. He aims for his open mouth and getting covered in piss is just the side effect. It’s hot that a guy who’s so young is so kinky… It’s how it should be. There’s no point in being inhibited when you’re at your sexual prime. You should be out there being a raunchy pig and enjoying yourself.

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Cute twink in his underwear, dripping in pissYoung smooth Shane Allen showers himself in piss
Piss stream from young twinks cockSkinny twink pisses on himself
Skinny smooth twink drinks his piss streamWarm piss stream shooting on hot young twink

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Hogtied Jock Gets Horny @ Bound Gods

Young Lucky Daniels and Domink Rider shirtlessTwo studs kissing during a bondage scene
Domink watched Lucky stroke his cock
Lucky in a jockstrap and socks tied up

I gotta say, I’m really happy that the industry is starting to relax about barebacking and you don’t see bans on bareback porn stars so much any more. I mean there are still companies like Titan & Next Door that discriminate against barebackers (which is ironic since some of those producers are avid barebackers in their personal sex lives). But then there are sites like Bound Jocks which clearly have zero problem working with guys who’ve done bareback porn as you can see in this scene with Dominik Rider. Dominik Rider has gone bareback in a big way – taking raw dick and loads from just about everyone.

In this scene Dominik’s playing a little bit against type. Instead of being the cumhole power bottom, he’s the top and Lucky Daniels is the bottom. [If you were ever wondering who was a bigger bottom than Dominik Rider it appears the answer is Lucky Daniels.] Honestly, Dominik Rider isn’t the most convincing top. He doesn’t really seem to understand the concept of dominance – which isn’t surprising from a cumhole power bottom. If you watch the clip below you’ll see his idea of using a bound bottom is tickling him. I could think of many other things to do to Lucky if he were tied to a table – tickling would be pretty low on my list.

But there are times as a bondage top where I feel I’m the one who’s in the servicing role. Bound bottoms need attention and care. I mean if you’ve got a bottom bound on a table and you’re sucking his dick – who exactly is the bottom? So maybe it makes sense to have a power bottom be the “top” in a scene like this. Though honestly a versatile guy would probably be ideal.

No matter what you think of the action, Dominik and Lucky look hot in the scene. I’d love to play and fuck with either of them. And if nothing else you get to see the lighter, less hardcore, side of them – which is nice…

Like seeing hot muscle boys get tied up? Then check out Bound Jocks – you’ll like it!

Tied up Lucky Daniels strokes his cock
Domink RIder sucking tied up Licky Daniels dick
Lucky Daniels ass up tied to a tableLucky Daniels naked tied down to a table

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