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Ashley Ryder Gets Orally Gangbanged @

Smooth twink sucks multiple cocks in basement of a sex clubAshley Ryder cant get enough cock in his young mouth
Ripped Mukthar strokes his pumped cock Mukthar gets his massive cock ready for Ashley Ryder to service<br />
Smooth twink has his mouth stuffed with massive cock ifrom Mukthar SafarovLeather men force young guy to suck cock against his will
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I get instantly boned when I see the name Ashley Ryder cause I know how much of a cock pig he is. He’s great in one-on-ones and 3ways but he’s even better in a gangbanged. Lewis Quintini, Duke, Mike Powers, Mukthar, Joy Bringer, Chris Barton and Spencer, from Bulldog Pit, feed Ashley Ryder cock, cock, and more cock [looks like another cut from the scene where Ashley got fucked by a group of tops]. Down his throat and up his ass. In fact, the more cock this slut gets, the better he is. Damn if he doesn’t look good all collared up like a good little cockwhore.

Anyone who hasn’t seen Ashley Ryder really needs to check this scene out. Regardless of whether you’re the type that gets off on watching a cute, adorable young jock type getting used by a bunch of big-dick fuckers, or if you’re the type that fantasizes about being the cockwhore being used, you’ll get off on watching Ashley Ryder take on all cummers!

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Ashley Ryder is tied down by sadistic muscle men in a sex club
Twink boy tied and roughed up by older guys who want him to service their cocks
Muscled guys gang up and force young guy to suck cock against his willBlindfolded young guy forced to suck cock in a sex club

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A Hairy Daddy And His Muscle Jock Boy @

Sexy daddy top kissing his sub bottom boyA hairy daddy top and his muscle jock boy
Bearded daddy kisses his boy
Hairy daddy top is rock hard as he carries a muscle jock bottom to the bedMuscle jock with a hot daddy top on top of him
Daddy winks as he has his face buried in a smooth muscle butt
Daddy top grins as he licks a hot smooth tattooed muscle buttArpad Mikos grins as he rims a hot muscle jock

One of the many thousands of things that arouse me are Daddy/Son scenes. Okay, so maybe cute, smooth jock Rod Daily isn’t quite a “Son” to bearded, Arpad Miklos “Daddy” – but a guy can fantasize. Rod is more of Arpad’s boy in this hot little scene from Cocksure Men, but no matter what words you use to describe them, they look hot together. Totally got me boned and juiced! Especially watching the big, burly, beefy Dad munching on Rod’s ass. Judging by the looks on his Arpad’s face, he took obvious delight in working his jock boy over.

It doesn’t sound like neither, Arpad or Rod, were particularly vocal, except for some grunting. But it’s still hot to watch them fuck. Awesome facial expressions and some foreskin play. And Rod definitely looked like he enjoyed getting plowed by Daddy Arpad!

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Daddy and his boy have big smiles as they fuck
Hairy daddy top fucking a hot tattooed jock

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Muscle Guy With Big Thick Dick Gets Serviced @

The perfect thick hard dick getting some much needed attentionPunk with scruffy beard devours a thick hard uncut dick
Bearded young punk worshipping a thick hard dickMuscle guy gets a blowjob of his rock hard dick
Young bearded guy on his knees sucking a huge thick dick
Older guy gropes and kisses young scruffy dudeOlder guy spreads a young guy's ass to rim it

I can’t speak for anyone else but whenever I’ve needed work done around the house, I never seem to get anyone as sexy as Omar and Dave Winston in this hot, blue-collar scene from Bulldog Pit. Omar, with his buzzed head, sleepy eyes and chewable lips, is the head electrician. David Winston is his assistant.

Before you know it, snipping wire leads to stripping down. Omar, with that hungry look in his eyes is enough to make anyone hard. I know he made me hard. Maybe I’m just too easy. I’m a sucker for a pair of sleepy brown eyes that seem to say, come fuck me, let me suck your cock, or even just hello!

Winston has a nicely muscled body with great abs and a beautiful, thick, big dick. He’s a lucky fucker to have Omar on his knees before him servicing that juicy cock. But then again, some might say Omar is the lucky one, slurping over Winston’s juicy piece of meat before turning around, bending over and having Winston pile drive that wickedly delicious hairy hole.

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Mature Hairy Top Fucks Smooth Bottom @

Hairy muscular top gets a blowjob from a bottom with a shaved headCocksucker Beau Sands servicing a hot top
Hot white bottom sucks off a Lebanese topHot, lean, muscular bottom sucks dick while jacking his cock
Bottom legs up, about to get fuckedTattooed stud fucks a hot bottom on a mattress on a floor

Beau Sands and Danny Cannon are painting a wall in this scene from Bulldog Pit. As anyone who’s ever painted a room knows, painting is hard, sweaty work. Usually, when I paint a room, I wind up getting more paint on the floor, and myself, than I do on the wall. There’s something about an empty room, some paint and sweat that actually gets me going though.

Watching the blue eyed Scandinavian Beau Sands as he kisses the dark, swarthy, Lebanese Danny Cannon, reminded me of a few hot and sweaty paint sessions of my own that took longer than necessary because I stopped to fuck.

Sands goes down on Cannon’s dick. It’s not huge but it’s a good size and has a fantastic helmet head. Cannon, fingering Sands’ hole is awesome. Here’s a man who truly knows how to work a hole. He doesn’t seem to care whether or not he’s causing pain on what looks like a tiny, tight little pucker. But that’s part of what makes this man so hot. Especially when after teasing Sands’ hole, he takes aim and fires that juicy cock right up that chute like a hot knife through butter.

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Big hard dick pushing into a shaved ass
Bottom bends over and takes dick

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The Thickest Dick You’ll Ever See – Mukhtar Safarov @

Sexy stud Mukhtar showing his shaved pubesSexy Turkish muscle stud showing off his assHot tattooed stud and his hot meaty ass
Hot Azerbaijani stud in a jockstrapHot tattooed stud with a huge bulge in his jock strap
Hot muscle stud showing off his super thick cock
Tattooed Mukhtar Safarov with a super thick uncut dickMukhtar's super thick hard cock

If you’re into bad-ass muscle and rough fucking Middle Easterners, or if the thought of a large, thick uncut cock gets your juices flowing, then there’s no doubt that you’ve just hit the mother lode, with Mukhtar Safarov and the thickest monstercock you’ll ever see, at This guy’s got it all! He’s the proverbial tall, dark and handsome reincarnated into a walking wet dream. The ultimate in masculinity and testosterone, wrapped up in flesh.

He’s presented here for you, all smooth and oiled down, in all his 10 inches of cock glory. And regardless of whether or not you’re into size, you can’t help but admire the man’s endowments.

Most men’s natural inclinations might be to worship him. To give up their holes for Mukhtar. And I must admit, there are some men who make me feel weak in the knees. Personally, though? I’d love to see Mukhtar be dominated by Ted Colunga. But hey, you have your fantasy, I have mine.

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Sexy stud with a really thick dick
Hot sexy stud with a really really thick cock

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