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Big Smooth Black Bodybuilder @ Finest Black Men

Hot beefy bodybuilder ZeusZeus' massive pecs and chest
Shirtless bodybuilder ZeusBeefy bodybuilder Zeus shirtless
Beefy Black bodybuilder shirtless in ripped jeansInked bodybuilder Zeus

Although a lot of sites focus on Black guys, few are able to consistently the pull the same quality studs as the dawgs at Finest Black Men.

All Praise Zeus! – one of the sexiest Black Bodybuilders we have ever seen. Every inch of this smooth giant’s rippled body deserves closer inspection, and he is NOT shy about showing it off.  And if you thinks his delicious bubble butt looks good in his torn jeans, wait intil you see what he is hiding inside of them. Those ripped abs and big chewy nipples are just the start of the show he puts on for the camera.

Now that you have seen the wrapping, wait until you see the prize in side. Do not miss seeing this tattooed god’s beautiful and oh so tasty dick. Go to right now.

Beefy bodybuilder Zeus shirtlessShirtless beefy bodybuilder in the grass
Bodybuilder shows his massive muscles and tight absInked bodybuilder Zeus shirtless
dont you wanna zeus to hit that?!sexy in the woods with zeus

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White Slut Services Hot Black Boy @ DamonDoggXXX

Hot young Zion Prescot shirtless Zion shows off his muscled chest and abs
Damon grins thinking about Zion's cock
Damon takes all of Zion's fat dick in his hungry mouth

To celebrate that our great country is having another anniversary today, few things would be better than gay porn. Whyy? Well, it is a sign of the freedom we enjoy these days, of our independence to act outside of the commonly accepted standards and behaviours. An interracial, same-sex, non-monogamous sex scene is not precisely what our funders had in mind, it’s not something most of the country would approve (cute married couples with a lawn and a dog, that yes), but yes, we can do it because we are free to pursuit our happiness, even if it means pissing people off. On this scene by we’ll see him exerting his legendary oral abilities with a huge black mamba.

You already know Damon Dogg, the former Treasure Island cameraman that started his own studio, and here we have this alternative pig scoring big time and trying to engulf this mammoth of a cock, belonging to Zion Prescott, a stripper from Fort Lauderdale, you can see he’s still young, but he’s very hot, with muscles that are starting to bulge and define, a nice smile on his face and a cock that almost makes him a human tripod. Damon wants to get the whole thing in his mouth and tries to milk a load of out it. He sure has fun trying, while he caresses Zion’s heavy balls. Eventually we see Damon gulping that sweet cum, but you get the whole scene for that.

So if you want to see an expression of American Freedom at its best, go to and enjoy his intense sex life. It’s almost like being there, and shows you he’s definitely committed to find ass-happiness.

Damon goes to town on Zion's cock
Damon worship's the head of Zions huge cock
Damon teases the head of Zion's cock

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Impressive Black Man With Gigantic Cock @ Muscle Hunks

Bary flexes his huge biceps
Muscle hunk Barry flexes his impressive chest and armsBarry teasing with his huge cock
Body builder Barry Marshall shows off his huge chest and arms

Quite a few of the really big muscle guys are compensating for a small dick, but that’s definitely not the case with Barry Marshall shown here in a scene from His big black cock is not only bordering on “monster cock” status, but it’s a beautiful cock to boot.

I gotta say, I almost never bottom. But when I see guys like Barry I just want to throw my legs in the air and get fucked and bred. Barry’s all man – he’s got a demeanor and look to him that’s perfect for a top – commanding, authoritative… He doesn’t need to apologize for anything – he’s the full package every bottom (and some of us tops) want.

So would you let Barry Marshall fuck you? Would you ask any questions first or just bend over and take his cock no questions asked? I know I wouldn’t ask any questions. He could dump a huge load in me. If it turned out to be a life changing fuck – I’d just be happy to know he was the one who knocked me up.

Check out Muscle Hunks for more of Barry and other guys like him. Go for it… I know you want his dick and load… 😉

Barry strokes his huge cock
Beefy Barry Marshall shows off his beefy assBarry's massive legs and arms
Barry showing off his awesome back muscles

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Perfect Man With A Perfect Body @ Muscle Hunks

Orso shows off his rock hard ass

There’s only one problem with the picture of Orso Orfeo from Muscle  Hunks you see above – they should have oiled up his ass. They did every other part of his body. I mean that’s one hot ass, but it would look so much better oiled up.

Actually, imagine doing naked hot oil wresting with him. He’s so much stronger than you – you know he’s going to win every time, but do you care? Maybe he wants to stuff his cock down your throat or up your ass… You know you’ll love it. Maybe he wants to sit on your face and smother you with his big full ass cheeks. You’ll not only let him – you’ll try desperately to rim him to give him every pleasure so he’ll come back for more. Or maybe he just wants you to lick his stinky pits. Again – you’ll do it no questions asked. You may even drink his piss if he starts unloading while you’re sucking his dick. I mean it’s not like you can say no… He’s so much bigger and stronger than you…

For more HUGE, powerful muscle gods head over to – they’ve got some serious muscle over there!

Ripped bodybuilder Orso Orfeo in his undwear outsideOrso Orfeo's big chest and beefy legs in white trunksOrso Orfeo flexing his massive shoulders

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Black Pig Fists Masked Bottom On A Ladder @ Fisting Central

Veefy Amerifist works a few fingers into a smooth ass
Amerifist works in hand into a smooth hole
Amerifist works two big hands into a jocked ass

Let’s give a big hand to the stud rammers at Fisting Central, for this tried and true sling alliterative. Some guys want a fist but have a difficult time laying back, relaxing and being receptive. This is an excellent example the “Sit on It” alternative.

Not only is this clip interracial, its an international as well. Here we have the World Wide Fisting Federation championship between ” German Fist Rider ” and the Abominable Hole Man from Nome,  “Amerifist”. If you have never gotten elbow deep into ass play, there is no higher endorsement for the following method featured in the clip below. knows how to Rock that Hot-spot! See the Ass Masters at Work!

Guy on a ladder with a bare fist in his hole
TIght ass starts to make a rosebud
Red rosebud of a well fisted ass

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