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Chris Ward tugs on Simon's PA
Chris Ward floggs bound Simon CoxChris Ward suckcing Simon Cox dick
Simon plays with Chris's bound dickSimon ready to get flogged by inked Chris Ward

Now that Tony Buff is running things over at Raging Stallion’s Fetish Force, I wonder if he is using their vintage footage for inspiration or is he just letting on his own twisted mind come up with stuff for us to revel in? Don’t get me wrong, Tony is an awesome guy but he is WAY off his rocker, but in a good way, so we’re excited to see what comes out of this almost dead stallion line.

So, way back when, THE Chris Ward started Raging Stallion, he gathered up Simon Cox, Logan Grey, Matt McGrath and Justin Southall for a little fetish play for the fledgling studio. His talents for BDSM is how many of us learn what it was all about. At the time, there were no real examples of men exploring this genre on film in a way we liked. Fell the sting of the flog!

muscular leather pig is abused
Group of hot hair leather men playingScott Samson kissed while tied down to a St. Andrews Cross
Chris floggs Simon while another guy gets his ass plwed with on a fuck bench

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