Bottom Services A Bodybuilder And A Jock @ Brash Boys

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Yup! Another prison scene on Brash Boys. In this one Shawn is playing the inmate, jailed for a while now. Not sure that he’s all that believable as a twink-like inmate. At least, for me. In real life, I think Shawn would probably be Bubba’s bitch and cellmate or gang bang toy. But something tells me Shawn would probably enjoy pulling a train.

Sergio Soldi, the hot bodybuilder cop with washboard abs, is the prison guard who brings Shawn to the infirmary for an examination.┬áDaniel Paxton, the nerdy looking doctor, has one hell of a bedside manner. He gives Shawn an extensive inspection while the prison guard watches. Now, Shawn isn’t exactly my type. He’s a bit too girly for my taste but he looks like he’d be a good bottom to bang when you just need to get off. But I have to admit, he looks good getting spit-roasted. But then again, with Soldi’s big cock down his throat and some nerdy doc jock dick up your ass, who wouldn’t look hot?

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