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Three guys with hard dicks behind barsBottom gets fucked in jail
Top with big dick and shaved chest and pubes gets a blowjobBottom gives a top a blowjob in a bunk bed
Bottom sucking dickAdam Gossett gets used by two tops

You’d think that prison sex scenes would be overdone and overrated by now. And in some cases they are. But not so in this 3way jailhouse scene from BrashBoys.com.┬áIf humpy fuckstud Roberto, beefy bottom Adam Gossett and humpy Nico Blade are going to be my cellmates, I’m going out to commit a crime; ASAP!

Since there’s not a whole lot else they can do with their time, the 3 prisoners pass their time, naked, giving each other massages, stroking their cocks, sucking and fucking. Tattoed bad boy┬áRoberto massages beefy Adam Gossett’s shoulders while humpy Nico Blade looks on. But when Gossett starts chowing down on Roberto’s juicy meat, Nico gets up to join them. Beefy, horny bottom Gossett just loves taking dick from both ends. Reminds me of the homoerotic HBO show, “Oz.”

If you’re into prison sex, check this scene out at BrashBoys.com where you’ll also find other equally sexy bad boys.

Bottom gets hit on by two horny topsBottom gets fucked at both ends

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